Brands are experiences.
My goal is to create experiences people are inspired to share.

All day long we ask ourselves What is this? How does it work? How does it make me feel? The answers are important: we quietly hunger for experiences that inspire us, even during the mundane tasks of daily life. This is the opportunity for design and business today, to inspire, because when you and I are inspired not only will we buy, we'll share our inspiration with our friends worldwide. Designing experiences that inspire, not advertising, is how brands are built today.

The opportunity to inspire is
in every moment of every day.

Story Design creates messages and sensory cues that communicate beliefs, values, and personas to help people create meaning. Story Design is like preparing to make an impassioned speech to an audience: you consider your lighting and music, your outfit, your words, etc. Like giving a speech, the goal is to inspire people emotionally, but function can also be present as long as it doesn't lessen emotion. Story Design considers images, words, sound, even touch and smell in creating a brand story. All outbound communications such as logos, ads, collateral, and YouTube videos, are the result of Story Design.

Event Design stages experiences along the path people take to owning an idea, ideas like "I'm going to buy a MacBook Pro" or "I'm going on vacation to Hawaii". Event Design is about creating emotional surprise and moving people toward satisfying their functional needs at each touchpoint on the path from Search-to-Find-to-Choose-to-Own. It's the information presented as well as how it's presented. Everything from unboxing a new laptop to the service delivered by a hotel concierge communicating through social media are events that can be considered, designed, and excuted.

Interaction Design helps people take action by making it easy to move to each touchpoint on the path to purchase and post-purchase. Interaction Design is primarily functional, with an emphasis on being simple to understand and easy to use, but emotion is welcome as long as it doesn't inhibit function. Point-of-sale, web search, web site navigation, product instructions, even face-to-face meetings are just some of the interactions that can be designed and made more effective.